Building A Fire: Reggio Style

image (7)

I noticed one of our students had selected a large amount of materials during a free exploration time yesterday. Our conversation went as follows:

Student (upon noticing that I’m watching): “Feathers are fire, sticks are just sticks. Rocks are sticks.”

Me: “You’re making a fire. Why are the rocks in a circle?”

image_1 (3)

Student: “Because I’ve seen them that way before on TV for a fire.”

Me: “Why do you think fires are surrounded by stones?”

Student (pauses to think for a bit): “Because if there are no rocks, the fire will burn the lawn and the trees.”

Me: “So it will spread where we don’t want it?”

Student: “Yes, the rocks stop the fire from going where we don’t want it because the rocks don’t burn like the grass and sticks and trees will burn.”

Student: “I was thinking of something better than these (removes the feathers). Orange sticks for fire because fire looks orange. I’m going to try orange pompoms or yellow because fires that color too.”

image_2 (2)image_3

Me: “What other fire colors are there?”

Student:”Blue, it’s very hot. The sparkly ones (shows me pompoms) are sparks. Do you know what I’m thinking about now? Blue and purple fire. It’s hot, super hot. And then I’m thinking about crazy fire with all these colors.” (bursts into a fit of giggles and piles a massive rainbow of pompoms on the top)


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