Welcome To “Wood Land”!

“Wood Land” was a day long collaboration between two students (brothers) today using our blochhi naturali and other interesting pieces in our classroom.

This is Wood Land. It’s made entirely of wood things. Even the cardboard is wood because it came from trees. There are tall trees. Look at all the trees. This is the temple, it’s made from special wood. I guess it’s not really special wood, just old wood. Churches are old usually, a temple is like a church. We are building a special room underneath on the lower shelf. It’s a secret. – 7 year old

I’m working on making all the animals and fire but not now because I’m putting all these knobs into the fire to make it. They shoot the fire.-5 year old

Oh man, we forgot to turn the floor to wood!!-7 year old

This whole table is wood!! We don’t need to turn it to wood! -5 year old





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