Reflections on Mirror Play

I added a mirror into our classroom after finally finding just the right size. I plan on adding more in the near future but for some reason finding them in okay used condition and shatterproof is a bit tricky.
As most of you already are aware, I prefer used items over new as Salt Meadow Academy is really focused on using as much recycled and repurposed items in our classroom as possible. Also, inevitably the objects will scratch or break and will need to be disposed of and if they are used, the eventual disposal does not hurt the wallet as much.

I had the wonderful opportunity to see our two year old explore the mirror for the very first time with a myriad of the loose parts that we have available.

Check out all the cool things he explored using the mirror!





It was incredible to see him stack items and arrange them in so many different ways. He really enjoyed watching his reflection and looking at the items reflection after placement. When putting down the little wooden spools he labeled each with a name of a family member, pretty cool!

Has anyone else tried mirror work at home with their children? What sort of scenarios have they come up with?


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