Fun with PlayDough: Exploration of a 2 Year Old

I always cherish when I am able to spend significant one-on-one time with my students. Today was one of those days.

Clay and play dough are always big hits at Salt Meadow Academy and today was no different.

First, it was ice cream. He rolled it into little cones and handed them to me to taste.

Next came a truck, complete with sound effects that he drove across the table.

He noticed that the basket of animals was under the table so he used those to create footprints and impressions in the dough with tails and horns. He pressed the animals slowly into the dough and studied the marks they made by putting his fingers in the impressions and bringing my hand to feel them too.


We heard the train whistle as it rolled through town and he quickly changed gears and created a “choo choo train”. He labeled “wheels” as created.

After a while he again switched gears and dug into one of our loose parts boxes and tried using wooden knobs in the dough. He remarked about the little holes it makes in the dough. He repeatedly commented “peep peep” which is what he’s currently using to refer to a bird. He hollowed out the dough a bit more and stuck the knobs inside while saying “peep peep”. Was it a nest?

All said and done, he was solidly focused for a full 45 minutes!! He narrated what he was creating, which was fabulous. We had so much fun.

Teaching a mixed age group is amazing because the littles learn from the bigs. But at times, I appreciate when the bigs aren’t around because the littles are able to freely create without influence from what the other kids were making or saying.


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