Dawns Early Light

Fall has arrived in New England. While outside this morning we gathered some early fallen leaves. The colors aren’t as vibrant yet but I’m sure they’ll be brighter when we return from our October break (we are away Oct 6-10th).
While collecting our leaves the children were holding them up in the sunlight to see the colors more clearly. We decided that we would hang them in our classroom window to enjoy them throughout the day.
First, we lay them out to dry on some paper towels.
Once they were dry, we pressed them between wax paper sheets. The children carefully arranged the leaves into a design of their choosing. Shiny sides go in the middle of course so that the iron melts the wax to the leaves and they stick together. We used towels to keep the paper from sticking to the iron. The children guessed that the iron would change the color of the leaves. They remarked that they could smell the leaves once the hot iron had been on them.
We peeled back the towel to reveal our pictures.

We hung them in our front windows to enjoy!
Happy fall!!




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