Twisted Strands™: No New Arrivals

We reopen from October break on Tuesday, October 14th. We checked our mailbox Friday and haven’t received any more Twisted Strands™ over break. We are hoping with the outpouring of support that our project initially received that there will be more submissions soon.

To participate in the Twisted Strands™ Project please mail your submission to:
Twisted Strands™ Project
Salt Meadow Academy
15 Bluff Avenue
Clinton, CT 06413 USA


2 thoughts on “Twisted Strands™: No New Arrivals

  1. Oh, I hope you get more! We participated in a postcard project a couple of years ago (through Deborah Stewart at Teach Preschool) and received very few cards 😦
    But you can tell your class that my Pre-K class has begun work on something using the yarn they sent us. I’ll post pictures next week!

    • Betsy, We hope so too! We had received such an outpouring of support from schools around the world but so far we’ve received a handful of submissions. I’m hopeful, for the children, that more begin to arrive soon!

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