Autumn Impressions

With the leaves falling heavily here in New England, the children have been extremely interested in all things leafy. We made some quick salt dough this morning and put out some of our fall leaf collection.

The salt dough recipe is super simple, 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of salt and approx 1/2 cup of water. Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and slowly add water a little at a time until dough forms. Easy peasy!!

Next, we lay out some of our fall leaves and plant pieces we’ve been stashing about the classroom. It seems every time we come inside we have pockets full of acorns, leaves, sticks and other found treasures.


We misplaced our rolling pin so one of the 4 year olds decided that using a cylinder shaped block to roll out the dough would work just as well.


We had some pretty red mums that the kids were looking forward to stamping their dough with, however, we learned that mums don’t make the best stamps. The petals all fell off. There weren’t any disappointed tears but rather laughter while the petals were smushed into the dough.


Since we have copious amounts of lavender growing in the yard, we always seem to gravitate towards using it in our projects. One of the children pushed the lavender into her dough. She wanted to know if it would still smell yummy later.


Overall, this was a fun activity to use our plants with. We decided that we’d bake the dough so they harden for the children to keep. I have a feeling that once they are out of the oven that the decorating isn’t quite yet complete.

Speaking of autumn leaves, we had previously posted a project where we collected leaves and pressed them between wax paper. The children are interested in continuing this project so there may be another post coming soon.


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