Flight of The Bumblebee: A Two Year Old’s Perspective

Last week I posted a drawing on Facebook by A, age 2.5.

A said “It’s [a] bumblebee flying around outside.” Look closely, I can visualize a bee moving from flower to flower,can you? We have been stopping daily to study the bumblebees on our lavender plants that line our driveway.

One of our Facebook followers, Alyce Thorp, commented that “It looks a little like Flight of the Bumblebee sounds” and she graciously included a link! I completely agreed with her and decided that I’d play Flight of the Bumblebee for A today. His reaction was priceless! He stood up and flew around the room just like his drawing. He was laughing and screaming and bumping into the table and chairs. He dipped down low and stood on tippy toes. He crawled and spun on the floor. He asked for it again and again and soon the whole room was buzzing and flying and laughing! Such a wonderful idea and a great time! Thanks Alyce for the suggestion!


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