Twisted Strands™: Challenge Accepted!

We saw a wonderful post by Hopmeadow Nursery School on Facebook today! I know that many of you don’t follow our Facebook page (Salt Meadow Academy Facebook), but you should! We post and share all sorts of interesting projects and dialogs.

For those of you that don’t know, or remember, Hopmeadow Nursery School was the VERY FIRST “Twisted Strands™

” submission. When we mailed them their Certificate of Participation, our students also included 10 pieces of yarn, all braided together, one for each child. We included a challenge…What would you do with this yarn? Challenge accepted!

Attached is a link to the Facebook album by Hopmeadow Nursery School’s response to our yarn challenge! Please take the time to read through each photos caption to fully grasp the depth that this project has taken on! The children have fully embraced what we wanted the “Twisted Strands™ ” project to be and more! Beautiful.

Hopmeadow Nursery School Twisted Strands Album

At the end of the album, the children allude to sending a challenge our way! I can’t wait to see what it is! We will certainly post about it!

To have your school, program or family participate in Twisted Strands™, please mail your submission to:

Twisted Strands™ Project

Salt Meadow Academy

15 Bluff Avenue

Clinton, CT 06413 USA


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