Twisted Strands™: Park School, Dartington, Devon U.K.!

The children were over the moon today to receive a Twisted Strands™ Project submission! It had been over 2 weeks since we received our last submission, and we were starting to get a bit down about not having received any additional.

Today’s submission came from Park School in Dartington, Devon, UK! They are 3,241 miles away from our town of Clinton, Connecticut, USA! IMG_7360.JPG

We opened the envelope and first read your wonderful cover letter!


Park School is a small “human-scale”school. We had never heard of this type of school so we visited the Park School website for more information.

Human-Scale is an approach to understanding our world that uses the human as a unit of scale. How many humans make the ideal community, a functioning country or an ideal school? In terms of use for institutions or design, it deals with the belief that there is a proper scale that defines its limits by the well-being of both the person and the planet and the ability of the person to seek wholeness. It can be seen today in the call for architecture, economics, politics and schools that are created as if people matter. It is an organisational principle that understands there is a balanced relationship between the needs and wants of the personal and the communal. Therefore community institutions at a human scale should be created with the person at their centre.
At Park School, we have three fundamental questions that we ask of the children; are you looking after yourself, are you looking after others and are you looking after your environment? If they are doing these things then we often don’t need too many other rules. These three principles address the inter relationship between the personal and the communal. -quoted from Park School’s website.

Very interesting! We love learning about new approaches and philosophies!

They also included a copy of their newsletter dated October 8, 2014, which mentions Salt Meadow Academy and the Twisted Strands™ Project by name! Exciting!



The children couldn’t wait to view the ribbons! We slowly unwound the ribbon from the package, starting at the end submitted by a girl named Adelaide. Her ribbon was red and had “With Love” printed on it. The ribbons were connected so the next ribbon we saw was a wonderful grey elephant ribbon from Dorothy. The elephants were followed by a tan ribbon with printed houses and trees on it from Darcyl! The trees leaves were yellow and red, just like our fall trees here in New England! A deep burgundy satin ribbon from Will was next. It was so smooth and shiny. Charlotte included a piece of light purple lace ribbon! Wonderful! The next ribbon in the chain was a light sky blue ribbon printed with London on it from Louie! Felix sent a satin, buttery yellow, thick ribbon! Last but not least, was an orange ribbon with shimmery gold edging from Fleur!


These ribbons were all so very wonderfully unique, just like all of you! You connected your ribbons together to show that though you are all individuals, you are all connected. Now, we have your ribbons on our branches and our unique students are all connected to YOU! Also, you’re now connected to all the other schools and programs that decided to participate in Twisted Strands™.

We wove your beautiful strands around our branches very carefully! We hope you think we did a good job! Our Twisted Strands branches are getting very colorful!




Thank you so very much for your submission! Please watch your mail, as we will be sending you something soon!

To have your school, program or family participate, please mail your submission to:
Twisted Strands™ Project
Salt Meadow Academy
15 Bluff Avenue
Clinton, CT 06413


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