Stack Them, Count Them, Roll Them, Draw Them, Spin Them

Pumpkins have been on the minds of the kids at Salt Meadow Academy since the beginning of October and for good reason. There is so much that you can do with pumpkins as one of our 2 years olds single-handedly demonstrated this morning.  The following sequence occurred over the course of about 15 minutes. He moved with purpose around the room, bringing the pumpkins to different areas in our space while seeming to have an internal dialog out loud.

“On top, on top, on top. 1, 2, 3. 3 pumpkins.” (Demonstrating counting skills and possibly checking that all three of the pumpkins left in the classroom where still there since the last time he used them on Tuesday)



“Roll it, roll it, roll it. I kick it. It rolls. Look. It rolls.” (He rolls it with his hands and then child seemed to have a theory about what would happen if he kicked a pumpkin. He tested the theory and was excited to prove himself correct.)


“Mickey Mouse! Ears! Look ears!” (Using the smaller pumpkins as ears, he created a representation of Mickey Mouse that he remembered seeing elsewhere )


“Paper please. Draw pumpkins. Where orange? That not orange.” (Child had a desire to create a permanent representation of the pumpkins he had carefully arranged in the table, after securing the needed materials from the shelf in the room he recognized that he wanted an orange crayon to recreate a pumpkin but was holding a crayon of a different color.)


“Spin it, spin. Spin pumpkin. Spin me.” (Another theory that if the pumpkin can spin so can I.)


Lovely interaction with our pumpkins! Our children are currently gearing up for continuations of their study of skeletons and we are branching out to scarecrows as well.


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