Twisted Strands™: Who’s Viewing Our Work?

We keep a regular eye on the stats that WordPress keeps for this blog.

One of the stats is country views. This particular stat is logged every time a new person logs into our blog.

For the year so far, and we’ve only been blogging since August, we are pretty impressed with all of the different countries! Viewers from 36 different countries around the world have logged onto the Salt Meadow Academy blog to view the work that our children are doing! Scroll to the bottom of this post to view all of the countries!

We attribute many of the views to the exposure that our ongoing collaborative project, Twisted Strands,™ has and continues to receive.

We’ve received Twisted Strands™ submissions from the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia already and have just received an email from a Kindergarten in Iceland that was creating us a ribbon! The children continue to check the mailbox daily in anticipation of receiving more ribbons and strings.

Please consider sending a Twisted Strands™ submission from your school, program or family! We’d love to receive them from any country, but it would be really cool to have a few arrive from countries that we haven’t yet received one from!

Twisted Strands™Project

Salt Meadow Academy

15 Bluff Avenue

Clinton, CT 06413 USA

Country Views
United States 1,511
Canada 121
Australia 114
United Kingdom 45
Azerbaijan 24
New Zealand 21
Hong Kong 10
Thailand 9
Turkey 8
Oman 6
Viet Nam 6
Singapore 6
Spain 4
Serbia 4
Croatia 3
Brazil 3
Russian Federation 3
Chile 3
Lithuania 2
Italy 2
Bermuda 2
Slovenia 2
Bahamas 2
Argentina 2
Denmark 2
Romania 2
Bangladesh 1
India 1
Indonesia 1
Philippines 1
Belgium 1
Ireland 1
Austria 1
Sweden 1
France 1
Mexico 1


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