Tissue Paper Color Theory

M (age 5.10) experimented with the light box and colored tissue paper today! Her process was amazing and I’m so happy that I was here to document it. We had never used colored tissue in this way so all of her ideas were novel to her.

First, she lay individual sheets on the light box to see what they looked like.



Then, after she was satisfied with how each color looked, she spoke out loud.
“I wonder if I put this one on top of this one if it will change color.”

When the colors didn’t blend as she thought they would she reacted with “Hmmm very interesting.” She swapped the papers she was using for lighter colors and declared, “The light yellow and the light blue make a sort of spotted green. But it’s not light green all the way. But the dark blue was to dark. I couldn’t see the yellow.”

M is pretty experienced in mixing paint colors to create a new shade, she she has a good understanding of what colors to combine, but she was surprised when the colors on the tissue paper didn’t blend as she was familiar with.





She layered more and more sheets of color on and began to notice something different.

“It’s to dark, the light isn’t showing through.”

I asked her why she thought that was happening. M thought for a moment and responded “I have to many papers.” She moved a few off the large pile on the light box.





The experience lasted approximately 40 minutes until dismissal. We put her materials in a basket to continue the exploration tomorrow.


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