What’s In A Name?

Our 2 year olds have been very interested in creating words lately. They are fascinated with the alphabet song. The letters on our handwriting poster are of constant interest so I felt it was time to set up another letter provocation.

It’s been happening with some of my older kids for over a year when they first started here at Salt Meadow Academy. When we were talking about the alphabet it always seemed to be tied to their names. J is for Jill. M is for Murphy (our cat). Etc Etc. They loved to pick out their first letter in their first name when they saw it on a sign or in a book. Neat stuff. 

 We have glass beads with letters written on them that have been in constant use on the light box.

The provocation was simple. A list of classmates names written on a piece of construction paper, glass letter beads and the light box. I wasn’t sure which children would approach the activity and was surprised it was a pair of children just about in the middle of our programs mixed age group (we have children aged 2-9 currently).

“M” (age 6.2) and “S” (age 4.11) approached the table. I was able to sit and quietly observe and record the conversation. [Apologies for not snapping any pictures].

 M: It’s our names! I’ll read it to you. You find the letters. 

 S: Okay. I’ll find them. [leans over the big pile of letters]
(M read each letter of a name and pauses between each letter while S located the letter in the pile)
[M hands S the paper] 

M: You read me letters. 

S: D.E.C. 

M: Wait wait C…..where’s C?? I found it!

 S: L. A. N.
S: Okay, let’s do Finn! 

M: F 

S: Lemme find f. F f f easy! 

M: I. N. N 

S: Two N’s?! What?? 

M: Yup. See. [shows S the list of names] 

S: I.V. 

M: I’m looking for a V. 

 The dialog continued until the girls decided they did enough of the name list. They completed appropriately 8 names on the list.

Their letter recognition was very impressive and also notable was that they recognized everyone’s name on the list based on the first letter and the sound it makes.


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