Tissue Paper Watercolor

It’s always fun to watch the children experiment with materials. Last year, we had created these amazing jellyfish by coloring with markers on extra large coffee filters and then placing them out in the rain to allow the color to spread. The ink spread in the rain and created a watercolor effect. Since the children have been exceptionally interested in using eye droppers to drip water (since our snow painting) I set out some canvas boards, tissue paper, water and eye droppers. 

Tissue paper was cut and/or torn and placed so it covered the entire canvas.

It was difficult to wait to drip the water, so before the canvas was covered, the addition of water began.

Once the first bits of tissue were wet, she went back and added more to cover the white spots. She was surprised that the new tissue paper soaked up the remaining water on the canvas.

She added a little bit more water to make sure that every bit of tissue was wet enough. The canvas was set aside to dry. Note: We did blot some of the excess water off of the top with a papertowel.

After the tissue paper dried (it took about a half day) she peeled it off. what was left behind was beautiful.

This provocation turned out to be really fun and a good lesson in color mixing. The girl that was documented noted that if she was going to do it agai she would use the brighter and darker colored tissue paper because they left the most color. Pretty keen observation for a 6 year old to make. She also noted that the black and white tissue paper left no color and she thinks that’s why there are white spots left on her canvas. 

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If you give this provocation a try with your children, let us know how yours have come out. If you have any suggestions for us to try next time, leave a comment below! 


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