Twisted Stands Returns for 2015-2016 School Year!


Twisted Strands is back for the new school year! 

Last year’s preschoolers are this years big kids and they’d love to pick up where we last left off with the Twisted Strands project! They are exceptionally excited to receive new ribbons and letters and to track the new locations on their map! They reflect on last years project often looking through the binder of letters and pictures that we received! 

Here is an excerpt from last years project invitation:


Our students came up with a wonderful idea today and I’d like to share it with you all and ask for some help in making it happen!
Salt Meadow Academy is a small Reggio inspired preschool and child care located in Clinton, CT USA. We have started a collaborative project with our students called “Twisted Strands”. You can read more about it on our blog ( .
Our students thought it would be a lovely idea to have other Reggio schools/programs and families send us some ribbons to add to our string tree, because, as our students noted today, we are ALL connected. We would label each string with your program/family name and location and add a pin to a world map!
If your school/program or anyone else for that matter would like to send us a ribbon to add to our tree, please email me at for more information! Feel free to share this with anyone that may be interested! Our kids are very excited and are hoping to get some strings and notes from programs/families soon from around the world!

Mail contributions to show our children “we are all connected” to (please note NEW ADDRESS!!)

Twisted Strands

Salt Meadow Academy

30 Pepperbush Drive

Clinton, CT 06413 USA 

All contributors will receive our certificate of participation as well as a personal response from our children. We document every contribution on our blog as well. 

View our blog posts from last school year tagged “Twisted Strands” for more information! 


2 thoughts on “Twisted Stands Returns for 2015-2016 School Year!

  1. I came upon your website and had never heard of a Reggio school. I researched the origin and I’m very impressed with Reggio philosophy. Other than reading, writing and arithmetic the public school, I personally feel, has little to offer children. Mass learning is limited. I think home school or small group learning is by far more superior to our public school today. I hope your children enjoy their learning with wide open eyes, ears and hands.

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